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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1st Year as a Worker


A year I have been here.

A lot of experiences I have learned.
A lot of stupid ‘kerenah’ I have to face.
A lot of unnecessary things I have to do.
A lot of feelings comes in my life everyday.
Even this is not what I truly looking for..
 I’m very thankful to Allah for giving me this rizqi.. this opportunity
To learn new things.
To know more peoples.

- opismate -

To help my parents (even it is not much)
Thank You Allah.
Dear Allah…
Please help me to be stronger than yesterday
Guide me to be a better person tomorrow
Help me to repay my parents good deed who are looking for me since I was born till now
Help me to create a smile on their face
Help me in everything I do

Amin ya rabbal alamin~

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Muhammad Taufiq said...

Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru2 ni saya baru blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. :)