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Monday, October 14, 2013

A very long entry for my bestfriend....ever!


It’s gonna be a very…very…very long entry for my bestfriend out there. Last night, when I’m trying to sleep, I scroll down the old picture of mine. And I found this:

Me & Fai

Waaaiiiittt!! Can I call you my bestfrenz? Hmmmm….Ahh I don’t mind. Even I just know you for a while, but I already claim you as my bestfrenz. Hahaha. Ok. I called her “FAI”. I know her during my internship period. She’s amazing people, who love to laugh all the time, very friendly and kind-hearted. She’s my gossiping frenz. Hahaha. Don’t you remembered when we chit chat on your desk and suddenly head department pass through, we acted like we doing our discussion. What a good acting of us. Hahaha. I miss that moment so badly. She told me that she wants to get married on 24. We were 23 on that moment, so it’s gonna be next year? And she told me she already buying a ‘kain ela’ which she will use it during her marriage.

Then, a month later we go for a camp in Pontian under our internship company’s activity. Kem Kaizen. I already writean entry about this camp in here and here.

Kem Kaizen, Gunung Pulai Johor.

And surprisingly, she meets her true love there. I remember when that guy asks Fai’s phone number from me on first night we were there. Hahaha. Don’t you remember Fai?? And then, start from that moment, their relationship became serious and getting more serious. That’s what we called ‘FATE”. In Malay we called it “Jodoh”.  Ya! Like people always said that we can only planning things, but God arranges everything for us.

                A few months later, they are getting engaged. As I was a very important person, I was invited to her engagement day. Hahaha. Why I called important? Because…..I was there when they first met. With a blue-peach theme, she looks gorgeous. Don’t she?

during her e-day

And finally, on Jan 2013 I was invited again. Invited on her wedding day. Wooww!! Unbelievable. She got what she wants. Getting married when she was 24. Her dreams came true.Then, I came during her reception. It was a bit late.  I arrived around 3pm and I thought I would never see her in her wedding dress. But, suddenly, she with her lovely husband came down from the stage and meets all people downstairs. So, I grab my friends tab and I take the opportunity to take a picture with them.

Does it look like a stairs?
Urgghh.. I’m the lowest one even I’m wearing 2 inch wedges heel (-_-")

Never mind. But she’s look really beautiful right? I’m really happy for both of them. You guys look suits together. It’s so unbelievable. It’s like just now we were met. It’s like just now we were sat together gossiping. Sharing everything. Laughing all the time. But now, you’re married. 

Actually, I was planning to write this entry a long ago. But for some reason, I have to postpone it. Hmmm…by the way, I hope it was not too late to congratulate both of you for your wedding.


Hope to see you soon….with a baby in your bump. (^_-)v

Thursday, October 3, 2013

encik boipren..sila rasa bangga okeyh!


Ektuali, 2minggu lepas mase kite boring-boring ujung minggu. Kite pegi lepak rumah akak zira kat bndar baru uda (bbu). Niat hati nak sambung jahit baju kurung untuk adik. Tapi tengah dok sebok bergosip dengan akak zira, ternampak pulak ade satu kain ela yang kiut je. Wane cream ade dot-dot kaler itam. Terus je rase eksaited nak watkan baju untuk anak sedara kiter yang baru je setahun. Ala konon cam adiah arijadi le gitu. Hehe.

Tapi di sebabkan tangan zira ni asek terketar-ketar je time nak gunting kain, terus je suruh akak zira tolong potongkan kain tu. Kang zira potong jugak mau senget benget t. Hehe. Pastu terus je on mesin jahit...zzuuupp...zaapp... siap akhirnya...

Hahaha cemane? Cantik tak? Plisss laa kata cantik...hahaha
So, encik boipren..bangga tak dapat girlpren cam kite yang tak reti menjahit tapi ade gak usaha nak buat.
Walaupun tak berapa cantik, still nampak jugak bentuk dress tukan.

P/S: lupe nak bagitau...akak zira tu tukang jahit. So, sesape yang duduk area  jb yang nak tempah baju kurung ke kebaya ke dress ke leh la gitau kiter k. ^__^